Worst SEO Mistakes

For one, it doesn’t actually make sense why mistakes should be labelled as top for any reason. Mistakes are worse and worst, and not top or topmost, especially when it comes to SEO. Mistakes make a website come down in the search engine, not go on top. Now that said, let’s take a look at what are the different mistakes committed while a website is optimised for the search engines.

Selecting the wrong keywords

When you try to optimise a site without doing a proper keyword research, often you end up optimising for wrong keywords. Choice of keywords can make or break your website. Do a proper research for the exact keywords that your target audience might be using. Never, ever, assume which keywords might do well for your site.

Using title tags unwisely

The title tag tells the users and the search engines what your site is all about. And therefore it should reflect the site exactly. Giving a wrong title or, worse, no title at all can undo whatever you did for your site. Similarly, to have the same title for all the pages of your website can also create considerable harm. So use proper title tags for your web pages.

Absence of text content

For the search engines to make out what your site is talking about or what your products are, you need to provide enough text, rich with keywords. No amount of images is going to help here as search engines do not crawl through images. At the same time for human visitors images appeal a lot. Hence, you need a balance here. Use images and text in adequate amount. Also, never use the same content for different pages in the site.

Misusing the link policy

Links are an approved and easy way to make the search engines notice you. But you need knack here. Not all links are acceptable. Quality matters here, not quantity. Get links from reputed sites and avoid “bad” sites (spam, porn, etc.).

Focusing too much on a single optimising element

Adding keywords to your content is a good idea. But what if that’s the only thing you did for optimising? Not only you’d end up overdoing it but you’ll also ignore the rest of the optimising factors. Optimisation is a process that involves a lot of factors. An experienced SEO expert would know that all these are essential for a successful search engine optimisation.

Practicing black hat SEO techniques

Duplicating content, cloaking, creating doorway pages, keyword stuffing, etc. are some of the common unethical or black hat SEO practices. They are easy to use and if you don’t get caught it might even bring some results initially. However, it’s just a short-lived happiness. Your website can get even banned for that. Hence, make sure the steps you take are ethical SEO practices.

Ignoring to submit articles, blogs and press releases

There are different directories where you can submit articles and press releases related to your website and products. You can also have a blog where you can provide details again of your site, products and services. Not doing any of these might not affect you directly, but if your competitors are doing it, which in most cases they will be, their search engine rankings are prone to get better, bringing you down.

Choosing the wrong target audience

If you aim to sell your product to only a group of people, say, people in Ireland, there is no point in optimising it for a global audience. In that case you’d end up choosing wrong keywords and content. Be sure of whom you want to sell your products for and optimise accordingly.

Doing SEO only once

SEO is an ongoing process. You cannot just do it once and forget about it. This is not only because search engines keep changing their algorithms but also because your site needs constant updating and enhancement to survive the severe competition.

Please don’t think that these are the only errors you can make. SEO is a process where you learn from mistakes and corrections. However, nothing stops you from learning from others’ mistakes. Hence, take advantage of the opportunities you get to learn, which you can from good SEO links, and make your SEO process flawless quick.

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