Why Is Blogging Important in SEO?

Why are the SEO experts insisting on their clients to come up with more and more blogs and to keep them updated? Well, blogs are the best way to increase traffic and page rank and at the same time provide some worthy information to the online community. When used for corporate purposes these blogs are the best option for self-advertising and branding. For SEO, blog is not just a good suggestion but a must.

Blogs are a website management that includes a lot of facilities like comments, RSS feeds and trackbacks through content blogs that can make a website search engine friendly. The first obvious reason is of course keywords. Anyway, here is a list of benefits you’d get with a good blog as a part of your search engine optimisation.

  • Simple URLs: Blog softwares normally have simple and easily crawlable URLs enabling the search engines to crawl and find the content faster.
  • Keyword-rich content: Blogs are one excellent way to add keywords in your content. Plus, good content can always be a source of delight as well as information for your readers.
  • More internal links: If your blog is about some products, linking the product names in the blog content to the anchor text of the images help the search engines crawl the web pages that are deep within the website.
  • Inbound links: No other element in a website can invite links more than blogs, especially one that is enhanced with all different media types like images, video, mp3 files, etc.
  • RSS feeds: Linking to RSS feeds can also increase the site popularity. And if your RSS is linked by other blogs the embedded links can also be of great help.
  • Active community: Blog topics are a great motivation for responses and comments from readers. Moreover providing great content in your blog can make your readers recommend it to their friends.
  • More traffic: A combination of blogs and RSS feeds can be a great force that invites more visitors to your site.

As easy as it a sound keeping a blog is not an easy task. If you think you can just start a blog and add a few posts and then forget about it you are very badly mistaken. Unless you have time enough to dedicate exclusively to blogging it is better not to go for it. Page rank from blogging depends a great deal on whether the blog is updated or not and if so, how frequently it is updated.

A good blog can bring quality links that is a source for increased page rank. So in short, keep a blog and see how it boosts your name in the SEO industry and make you stand outside and ahead of the crowd.

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  1. The keyword rich pages are in my opinion the best thing about blogs. They work great in driving traffic to your site from SEs. Blogs take a lot of work to maintain, but the rewards can be pretty great.

    Thanks for the great post!

  2. Nice content it would be helpfull for me .I am impressed your website . Its layout is very attractive .Thanks and keep on working.

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