Where do I position keywords?

There are a number of factors taken into account when a search engine indexes your ecommerce website…

Meta Tag: Keyword and description meta tag is ignored by google but is sometimes used to display information in search listings if it cannot find a description of your page in dmoz.

Title: The title should not consist of more than 60 characters (10 words). Your company name should be placed at the end of the title with your primary keywords at the start of the title. Each page title should be unique.

For example instead of “Contact Us” use the title “Contact us about our search engine optimisation services”.

Dont repeat your keyword in the same title and make sure that your title tag is the first element in the head section of your page in order that it is the first item that is found when indexed. Google stems words automatically therefore it should not make any difference when stem form the word uses therefore use the shortest form of the word (singular for example).

Keyword Proximity: An exact match with a query tends to score higher than partial matches where the keyword appears on the webpage in a different order or spread apart.

Keyword Frequency: Primary words should appear on your page where appropriate and fall below the twentieth percentile of total text on your webpage in order that it does not fall into the category of keyword-stuffing.

Keyword Placement: Primary keywords should appear in headings and title text where appropriate rather than image alt tags. Search engines also look at the body text, drop down menus, and the hostname. Keywords that appear in a prominent position such as the title or first heading at the top of the page, or within the first paragraph of the body text in bold will be weighted more highly than keywords that appear at the footer of the page in a small font size.

Summary: The following table shows the main areas of your online shop website that keywords should be used where appropriate…

Company name should be at the end
Use highest level for most important words.
Use keywords in the first paragraph of your page
Anchor text
Use keywords in links to your products.
Drop down boxes
Use keywords in drop down boxes used in forms.
Use keywords where possible in filename and folder names and domain names.
Use keywords in the images’ alt tags.

When using keywords found in the link text, those keywords should be found on the page that the URL is pointing to such as in the title. Duplicate links are counted only once therefore duplicate links should not appear on your page.

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