Websites for Ecommerce II

Now that we have seen some of the basic rules in designing an ecommerce website, let’s check out some of the pages that can make a huge difference to the site and ensure increased traffic and sales.

  • About Us

Put yourself in the shoes of a buyer. When you want to purchase a product online what is the first thing you’ll do? You’d visit their About Us page to collect some details of the company and its history and mission. The About Us page is where you reassure your visitors about your credibility and quality. It is where you could display your affiliations, awards and associations and thus create an impression on the visitor.

  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

It is normal for a customer to have a lot of questions before purchasing an item from you. An FAQ page does for you what you cannot do in person for an online sale, that is, answer the questions that your customers might have. As easy as an online transaction sounds, it could be as confusing to some. Not getting the necessary answers to some of the questions, a customer might leave the website without making a purchase. Hence, make an FAQ page that is linked to all product pages (ideally there should be only a single click from the FAQ to other pages). This way, while browsing the products the customer can find his answers and thus proceed to click the “buy” button.

  • Testimonials

Many times you would’ve asked for the opinion of your friends and acquaintances about a product or company before availing its services. The customers who have used the product before are the best option to get an actual idea of its quality and performance. Most customers therefore would like to check the testimonials of the previous customers before making a purchase. That is why it is effective to add a Testimonials page to your site. If it is difficult to get the testimonials in the beginning you could try distributing a few products for free and getting the feedback on that.

  • Privacy policy

Many online customers wonder whether their information would be secure while purchasing a product. With the privacy policy detailed and explained you can let the user purchase in peace.

An ecommerce website, above everything else, needs user friendliness and ease of use. If you remember while creating a page that it might make a huge difference when a user is making his purchase decision you can actually create a website that can meet the requirements of a customer efficiently and effectively.

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