Websites for E-commerce part I

An online business lets you dream big, reach out to a wide market and compete with the big shots in the industry. Ecommerce websites are becoming more and more common and people are less averse to doing an online transaction now. All the more reason for you to have an effective website that can sell for you 24/7. It’s exciting and scary at the same time.

With a well-designed website you can actually stand on par with all those big players in the market. So your next question would be what is a well-designed website? Well, a good ecommerce website is that which is most effective in selling a product by converting the visitors into buyers. So how do you convince a random visitor in your site to spend his income and buy what you sell? Especially when you are not there in person to impress him and let him know you?

Doesn’t sound easy, does it? Well, not really. It’s all in how you portray your business before your visitors. Here are a few tips for you in designing ecommerce websites that will increase the rate of conversions in your business, leading to increased income.

Select your domain name wisely

The URL of your website is the identity you create that let visitors come to you. It tells you who you are and what you do. For example, a website with the URL would tell you what the website is on and what product it provides. But suppose their website URL is or something similar, obviously you wouldn’t know what it is about unless you visit the site and check its content.

The domain is therefore an identity for you. It creates a brand name for you and lets you reinforce it in the online community. It might help you to remember these points while making the domain name:

  • Keep it short

Take some of the most popular websites today,, or All these names are short and are easily remembered and spelt by users. So keep your URL short so that your users can type it easier and faster.

  • Describe your business

Let it be known in the URL itself what you sell. For example, a website tells you it is about an online toy shop. Keeping the name of your business in the name of the website can take you a long way ahead.

Build an attractive and appealing website

A website of high quality and appeal is one of the most important parts of e-commerce. Visitors decide whether to stay in your website or not depending on how you display it. Find below a few tips for quality ecommerce website design:

  • Create an impressive home page

Home page is the front door to your business. Nobody would enter a building with a shabby and low quality door. Same way, if your home page is not good enough visitors might leave the website soon. The home page should prominently display your company name, logo, slogan and captions.

  • Give a good introduction for yourself

Your customers would want to know more about your business and your company. You can provide a good self-introduction in the About Us page about your organization, business and its history.

  • Provide an easy-to-follow navigation

The site menu should be easily visible and simple enough to follow. It should be placed on every page so that the user can navigate easily to other pages as well as the home page. Try to follow the ‘two-click’ rule, that is, it shouldn’t take more than two clicks for the user to navigate from the home page to the product pages.

  • Use images wisely

Unnecessary use of images can lose valuable space on the web pages as well as repel search engine spiders. Images are a good way to attract the users but if you use them only for that purpose it might make you lose your page rank. So use images where they are absolutely necessary, like product pages. There you’ll need images as customers would want to see the product they want to buy. However, in such cases make sure they are of high quality and are accompanied by adequate descriptions. Also, make sure that they download fast. Nobody would like to wait for a picture of a product for more than a minute.

  • Provide a real location

No user would be interested to buy from a shop that seems to exist nowhere. To build trust and credibility add your exact location on the Contact page. Provide all the details by which they can contact you. Also, it is equally important to be available when someone actually tries to contact you. So reply to emails promptly and pick up those calls that come for you.

These are some of the basic requisites for an e-commerce web design. However, there are even more factors that come into the design of a website that does e-business. In the next post we will discuss some pages that are crucial for an e-commerce website.

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