Ways to Compete Online in 2013: What Matters

Now that we’re almost a third of the way into the New Year, it’s prudent to examine whether or not your 2013 strategy for SEO and online success is proving to be a good one so far.

Many businesses dealt with major blows to their rankings in 2012 with major changes such as the Google Penguin algorithm. It forced many websites to put quality first, in an effort to re-gain favour for their SEO campaigns.

Here’s how 2013 is looking so far:

Content can be the key to success.  The content you create on your site and off your site can help you drive website traffic, a positive reputation, can help you establish trust, and can help generate sales.

  • Quality matters, more than ever. It’s not enough to simply create keyword dense content for your on-page and off-page SEO strategies.  Everything you publish online says something to people and to search engines about who you are as a company. Continuous efforts and continuous quality are of paramount importance to search engines and to your customers, too.
  • Conversion rate matters.  It’s not enough to simply get traffic to your website but what the visitors  do once they arrive will be measured and will be taken into consideration for not just your SEO campaigns but your paid search campaigns, too. Search engines want to know that the traffic you receive actually finds something valuable on your landing page. A click through is a sign of success. A bounce off the entry page is not. This isn’t just important for your SEO success, it’s important for your overall success, too. It doesn’t matter how much traffic you get if almost none of it translates into success, right?
  • Social media matters. Search engines will look at your social influence, too. How many people follow you? How often are you re-tweeted, +1’d, Like’d, etc. It’s more important than ever to develop and execute an on-going social media strategy.
  • Variety of content matters. Spreading your online content marketing efforts across a wide spectrum will be helpful. Article directories, guest blogs, videos, infographics, and other types of media will help you gain maximum exposure.
  • Local SEO matters, too. Between the boom in mobile, the hefty level of competition online, and the fact that a searcher’s geographical location is taken into account, it’s more important than ever to ensure your website and online reputation are optimised for your local geographic area.
  • Measurement probably matters most. As you attempt to navigate the complexities of SEO and online marketing in general, you’ll want to be sure you continually measure your success and improve on it.  Throughout the year you’ll want to assess what you’re doing right (so you can maximise that success) and what could be done better.

The Web Clinic aims to be your partner in all the areas that matter for your online strategy. We hope to continue to be there for you!

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