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If a picture is thousand times better than words, a moving picture is ten thousand times so. Besides giving you a back link, video sharing provides interesting and catching information to your customers who wish to buy from you. With the introduction of broadband to the Internet world, downloading or viewing videos has become easier and faster. And the number of people who collect information by watching videos rather than reading the written word is also on the rise.

If you have a business that provides a product or service, video sharing can be an effective way to spread the news online. For example, suppose you are a seller of golf products or equipments, you could record videos of selected products and upload them in different video sharing websites along with your website URL. All those golf enthusiasts who would be checking out golf videos would come across your video and reach your site and most often purchase from you. Take a look at for example. Here you’ll find not only the different products that the company provides but also the additional services it offers like expert advice and support for players.

Though it may sound difficult and slow, creating a video about some product or service that you provide is actually quite simple. With a digital camera you can easily record a clip, transfer it to a computer or laptop and upload it to a video sharing website like Youtube. Provide your website URL with it and you could be fairly certain that your website will have increased traffic. Here are a few tips for you while uploading videos:

• Use your main keywords in the file name, title, tags and URL of the video.
• Ensure that the video is captured and recorded professionally.
• Publish the video in multiple video sharing websites.
• Add links to the video from other sources like social media websites, blogs, etc.
• Add the video in the home page of the website.
• Make sure that the video content can attract, retain, inform and educate the viewers.

Marketing through video sharing actually have a good chance of success due to several reasons. First of all, those who watch these videos and reach your website are a young population who probably are strong financially. Thus, if they like what they see they would definitely buy from you. Moreover, it is absolutely free to upload the video and therefore you can have an effective way of marketing through video sharing.

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  1. Video sharing sites can give you millions of views easily

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