Traffic Analysis: What Comes First – Visitors or Hits?

Analysing the traffic to a website is a time-consuming effort. Nevertheless, it has many advantages that make it an inevitable part of a search engine optimisation. So what is the information you collect through traffic analysis and what makes this process so much worth the effort? Analysing the traffic lets you:

  • Track the number of people who visits your website on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.  This enables you to assess your website and find out how successful it is, or even whether it is moving towards further success or doom.
  • Find out how a visitor enters your website, that is, whether he or she is directed to your site through a search engine and, if so, which one. This helps you optimise the site for that particular search engine and thereby bring the website to the front page.
  • Learn through which page the visitor has reached the site so that you can enhance the page with more information and make it more inviting.
  • Learn from which page the visitors exit the site so that you can optimise the page with more or improved content, better graphics, and more links.
  • Find out what time of the day, which day of the week, which week of the month and which part of the year you get most visitors and therefore update your content correspondingly and increase the strength of your sales and support divisions during that time.
  • Get more information about your visitors including their countries, browsers, operating systems, languages, etc.
  • Find out whether you get more visitors or more hits.

This brings us to another point: what is more important – your visitors or hits? Before checking which is more important let’s see what they are. And how are they different from each other.

Well, the fact is that both are equally important. Because of what they are and what they do. Majority of the people think of hits and visits as the same. This is not entirely true, however. When a user enters a site, he or she is a visitor no matter how many pages that visitor clicks within the site. Just like you enter a library, and whether you check one book or ten books, you are a visitor. In the case of a hit, it is the number of times you make a click in a website. This creates a difference between a person who clicks once and who clicks 10 times.

Both are different in their own ways. Visitors tell you how popular your site is and how many people visit the site. Hits tell you how effective your site is, how long a visitor remains in your site, how many pages in the site a visitor clicks and which are those pages. A thorough study of these details helps you assess the current performance of your website and find out the areas where it needs improvement.

Traffic analysis is in fact an eye-opening experience, be it positive or negative. You might feel exultant or dejected by its results. But the important point here is that it will show you which part of your site calls for improvement and which part is alluring to the visitors. Thus, you can do an effective search engine optimisation of your website and watch it reach the front pages of a website. After all, effective treatment always follows an effective diagnosis.

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