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Web Directories & Specialised Search Engines

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

When you are trying to market your product online your first choice is always to bring it to the front page of Google. This is hardly surprising considering the fact that Google has a huge monopoly over online search. However, it would be a good idea to keep yourself informed of what is the alternative you have if you think you can’t make it to the front page in Google within the time you have in hand. And, of course, its not news that it’s a difficult task.

So what are the other ways in which you can make your product or service popular? One is to submit your site to other search engines like Yahoo!, MSN, Alta vista, etc. Still, that’s not going to compensate for not coming on the front page of Google. What’s the next step? One could be web directories. Or the other, specialised search engines. Wondering how they can help? Or even what they are? Alright, let’s check out.

Web directories

Web directories are a collection of links that are arranged in different categories. Web directories help the user if they search for a particular topic in the directory. They’ll find the necessary link to the site on the topic they are searching for. Though the traffic to your site through such web directories would be lesser than that from a major search engine, the quality would be high as those who reach your site is reaching after searching exactly what your site is talking about.

Specialised search engines

Specialised search engines work the same way the normal search engines do but their index would have websites dealing with a particular topic. Thus there would be search engines that deal with music, books, sports, etc. This again is beneficial as the users are in search of exactly that particular topic or product. The probability of conversion would be high.

Do you get the feeling of any similarities in both? They do have a common point which is that they provide links to websites belonging to specific categories. However, web directories and specialised search engines are more different than they are similar. Here is a list of differences between both.

Web directories

  • Would contain a review of the site content along with the link to the site.
  • Links are categorised and edited by webmasters.
  • Categorisation is done after the checking the whole page.
  • Sometimes links are submitted after payment of some amount
  • Less chance of the links added in the wrong category as the categorisation is done by webmasters
  • Require manual effort and maintenance

Specialised search engines

  • Would have only a short description along with the link, as in the usual search engines.
  • Links are crawled by robots
  • Categorisation is done after only checking for the presence of keywords
  • No payment is necessary as the crawlers would automatically reach the website
  • More chances of wrong categorisation as the process is automated
  • No human interference required. The search engine crawlers would find the site according to the number of keywords

There! That should put an end to your confusions regarding web directories and specialised search engines. The tip for you here is that even while you carry out the normal optimisation for search engines you can add your link to different directories and specialised search engines. After all, any publicity, big or small, is good publicity.

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