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Dominating your target market – can we help your company get a bigger slice of the pie?

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Dominating your target market

The social media can be a daunting prospect to smaller businesses. Everywhere you look these days people are telling you how many millions of people are logging into Facebook and Twitter to get their fix of favourite social and celebrity gossip. You also hear rumours that large companies like Dell and Apple have risen to dominate their own target markets through use of these new forms of communication and you figure there must be a way for your company to make use of them too.

Yet you just don’t know how to go about it and anyway, you don’t have the time to develop social media skills for yourself and learn the secret art of tweeting.  So the opportunities pass by for your business.

We’ve been making recommendations to our clients for a long time about using social media to help their SEO campaigns and have been realizing lately that there are huge opportunities being missed by many of them. That’s why we’ve decided to launch a new service which is not just about helping our clients get better rankings but also opens the net wider to catch an even bigger fish – increasing market share for our clients.

The internet offers so many marketing opportunities these days and to dominate your market you have to be all over the place. Wherever your target audience is looking in fact. Go to them and they will come to you.

For more details of how we can help your business dominate your target market through the social media fill in our enquiry form now and we will send you an info sheet on Management of Social Media Campaigns.

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Importance of Real Time Search

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

Real time search is the buzzword in the Internet world now. Many companies claim to offer real time search for the users. Google, which is the other name for search, is of course at the front and in fact admits that it is constantly enhancing the technology each day. So what exactly is real time search? A real question to ponder before joining the race to get it.

What is real time search?

In a crispy way, real time search is searching online for material that is published in real time. In other words, there is no time gap between the time it is created and published. The best example, as you would already have guessed, is tweeting for Twitter. In a broader way you can consider the Yahoo answers and a status update in Facebook as further examples.

How is real time search useful to you?

The most obvious advantage is of course that you get the news as and when it happens, be it as personal as a change in mood or as public as an earthquake. For a company that runs an online business this would mean instant advertising, as you can provide all the latest developments as news bits to the readers all across the globe. Moreover, it avoids all the glamour and ornamental parts of marketing and provides the exact information that a user is looking for.

The “first come, first served” usage is most relevant in the case of online sales offers and promotions. Time is of utmost importance and real time search serves best for that purpose. Here the news is fresh and relevant. Moreover, you also get the response of your customers as fast as you publish the news. Because real time search helps real time communication between people. If you are a buyer of an iphone you get to contact previous buyers and know the details. Similarly, if you are seller you publish the latest offers and promotions or the launch of a new model.

What is the role of Twitter in real time search?

Twitter almost started the trend of real time online presence. The character limit of Twitter to 160 has worked for it rather than against. The very fact that Google has started adding tweets to its search results make Twitter the most powerful weapon for real time search. Twitter users want what they provide: information that is relevant and short. They need information “now” and “quick”. Providing such an audience with a single-page blog, however interesting that blog is, would be a waste of not just time but also effort.

While webmasters are still arguing about the value of real time search the truth remains that the consumers would always be hungry for news that they want as brief and as important as possible. Provide them that and you could witness a considerable boost in your sales.

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