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PDF document creation & SEO

Monday, March 21st, 2011

For past many years PDF documents have been used by web users both online and offline to create reports, professional documents, theses and dissertations, etc. Converting a document to PDF file has a number of benefits that make it highly useful in day-to-day working of a business.

• They retain the looks and format of the original documents.
• They provide restricted editing.
• They support compression when there are images.

During the initial days of SEO many website owners used to consider PDFs as not friendly to search engine crawling, however, now it is widely known that nothing could be farther than truth. PDF documents are as friendly to search engines as Word documents. However, the friendliness of PDFs depends a lot on the way it is created. If the file is created with Photoshop, it remains an image file whose fate with search engines is same as other image files. As you know, search engines don’t recognize or crawl images. Whereas when you create it from a Word document or Adobe Pagemaker, the content remains text and hence remains crawlable for search engines.

Optimising for PDF documents is just the same as optimising the content for HTML or Word documents. Just make sure you follow these tips while creating the PDF.

• Ensure that the file name, title, headings (H1, H2) and body text are rich in keywords.
• Link the PDF document to the remaining pages of your website. This will not only increase internal linking but also enhance the user experience.
• PDF documents have the special feature of including meta data, which lets you edit the meta description, meta keywords and the page title.

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