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Page rank building tips

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

The best way to increase the page rank of your site is to make it useful enough for visitors to keep on wanting to return to it and bookmark it. The more authoritative their website is and the more relevant it is to the site that you are trying to promote then the more likely it is that their link will count. Sometimes a webmaster would get a mass email links request which would read along the lines of…

Dear Webmaster, I am the webmaster of ****. I have visited your site and found it quite relevant. We invite you to exchange links with our website. Exchanging links will increase search engine rankings and website popularity. If you are interested in exchanging links, please add the following details to your website…

Emails that try to exchange or sell links to your site is now against Google webmaster guidelines to exchange links as it is regarded as an attempt to manipulate listings. If your resources/links page point to ecommerce websites that are of low quality then that would reinforce the value of your site as being associated to websites that are regarded poorly and your site’s search engine rankings will be reduced. Any email spam sent out in bulk from search engine optimisation companies should be ignored.

Nevertheless, it is useful to have a small number of links with high quality and high page rank sites that are related to your ecommerce website preferably with online shop websites that you already do business with.

Although buying links is against Google webmaster guidelines, it is still useful to buy advertising space from reputable companies such as Google and yahoo. Yahoo directory and the yellow pages directory require payment but are so highly regarded that they will always be a safe and cost effective way to promote your website and help with page rank building.

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