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Online Marketing Trends for 2013

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

Each new year brings new challenges in the world of online marketing. Things move at a rapid pace and it’s not always easy to keep up with all the tools and all the rules!

In the coming year, there are a few trends that many experts are expecting:

  • Mobile is not going away. In fact, if you’re not mobile ready and mobile optimised you will likely start losing out. More of your customers than ever are using mobile devices and the trend is leaning toward mobile search taking over ordinary web searches.  It’s vital that businesses have a mobile marketing strategy going forward. Beyond simply advertising and creating a site that looks good on a smartphone screen, you’ll want to work to engage and build relationships with your customers via mobile marketing. This can include apps, social media, and highly personalised experiences when people arrive on your site. Reward customers for their loyalty, too. They want value for their money.
  • Inbound marketing is another area that is expected to continue to grow by leaps and bounds.  Optimising your website alone isn’t enough anymore. Content marketing through videos, blogs, articles, guest posts, and other areas can help you educate and inform interested prospects and then drive those prospects into a sales funnel where you can build a rapport and trust with them. If you aren’t working on inbound marketing already, you should seriously consider it for 2013. How can people who search for the thing you specialise in find you?  How can you help them find what they are looking for and position your company as the answer to their query? Beyond articles, companies should look at other visually appealing methods like infographics and videos and leverage the many social marketing tools that are available to use.
  • Information will be more important to monitor than ever. Beyond knowing how people arrive on your website you’ll want to watch closely to see what they do when they do arrive. Optimising your conversion rate is vital for search engine optimisation. If Google et all see a high bounce rate they will re-index in search of a page more appealing to users.  Paying attention to detailed analytics will pay off.

What’s your strategy for 2013?

It may change throughout the year. Keep a close eye on your customers, your competition, your online reputation, social media, and your analytics to help you drive growth and adapt to changes quickly.

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