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The ever-widening scope of social bookmarking

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

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Suppose you have an online store that sells wedding gowns and other accessories related to weddings. It has an amazing set of products of the best quality and affordable prices. Still you are worried that the traffic to your website is low when compared to that of your competitor You give a lot of importance to the marketing of your business through different means; still, XYZ stays ahead.

While looking for the reason for this low traffic you come across an acquaintance who told you something interesting – she was recommended your name and was planning to come to you for purchasing her wedding gowns and accessories. However, when she logged on to her favourite social bookmarking website to add your link to her bookmarks, she did a random search for wedding gowns there and came across that also had a great collection of clothes. Since she liked them she decided she will make her purchase from XYZ.

The result – you lost a valuable customer and a good sale.

Why? Because you just did not think about adding your website in that social bookmarking website. So are social bookmarking websites that relevant for the popularity of a website and even bring you visitors? Yes, they are and let’s see why.

What are social bookmarking websites?

Often while you are browsing you come across websites that you’d want to visit in future. You’d store them on a notepad or in your mail box which might be convenient then but tough to manage later. Social bookmarking websites on the other hand let you store these links at a single place, divided into categories and tagged with keywords so that you could find them easily. These websites require you to register and create a profile which you could open from anywhere in this world. In other words, you can access your bookmarks wherever you are without walking around with your old, messy notepad in laptop or iPhone.

Today, social bookmarking websites are many, and some of the most popular ones are Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Diigo, etc. It hasn’t been long since they have made their appearance and ever since they have, lots of people have started using them. Whether it is the researchers who are always hunting for information or those journalists who wish to keep tab on the website addresses where they find the latest information, they’ll find these websites an awesome change from the silly notepads and diaries.

How do social bookmarking websites benefit you?

As we discussed before, websites like Digg and Delicious help you in organising the various website addresses you find into related categories and tags. Hence if you had been reading on the English Tudor period you could collect the links under the category ‘History’ and tag them as ‘British History’, ‘Tudor History’, ‘Queen Elizabeth I’ and lot more accordingly. This brings us to another advantage of social bookmarking – you could give different tags to a single website URL so that you could find it under that category also.

Suppose you want to share a few links that you found with your friends. Social bookmarking aids you there too. As the name indicates it is social, in other words, your links are accessible to others too who are looking for information on the same category. Moreover they could see the other links also that you have saved thus creating a community of people with similar interests. In fact, by checking the tags that people give for various sites and other links that come under the same category, you could get new insights of what people think of a particular topic. For example, if you have tagged a website under ‘travel destination’ and add websites on ‘winter destinations’ also under the same tag it gives new ideas to people who are searching for interesting travel ideas.

What does social bookmarking means for online businesses?

You are already aware of how quality back links can get you better ranking from search engines. When you get your website address in any of those bookmarking sites, you are in fact ensuring a back link of quality that would remain for a long time. For social bookmarking sites do not remove the links from their database. And as for your visitors, when they find you in a website like StumbleUpon or Delicious they tend to trust you more and thus come to you keeping an open mind.

With most of the social bookmarking websites moving beyond the desktop to smart phones and other handheld devices online bookmarking is literally on your fingertips. Finding a place for your website there would mean you are a hot topic in the online communities and among users who in turn could be your customers in future. In other words, social bookmarking is growing and growing with the potential that we are not even completely aware right now.

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