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Choosing the right titles

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

The use of keyword based webpage titles is very important in search engine optimisation and the modification of your ecommerce website titles may sometimes be all that is needed to improve its internet marketing significantly…

• Titles must not be left blank as that wastes a useful marketing component of your online shop.

• Any welcome messages, branding or other salutations should be placed at the end of the title rather than at the beginning or omitted alltogether. This is because only the initial words are taken into account by search engines when ranking.

• The title should describe its webpage. Avoid placing unrelated keywords in the title as this confuses the customer and can be interpreted as spam.

• Title’s should not be duplicated on every page. Each page should have its own specific title describing what that page is about.

• If the domain contains the title’s keywords, provided that it is not too long, will assist in the association of that page with that keyword.

• It is sometimes a good idea to mix competitve and non competitive keywords for each page where appropriate.

• It is also a good idea to overlap keywords for example a page that markets search engine optimisation should also have the keywords “Internet Marketing”, “seo”, and “optimization”.

It is always important to make your title and webpage names sensible to the customer. A customer visiting your online shop website will probrably be put off by the presence of irrelevent keywords and excessive keywords used in page titles and page names.

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