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Friday, January 7th, 2011

There are many webmasters who try to make their websites attractive and appealing to the visitors through Flash and many SEO experts who try to stop them from doing it. Well, both are right in their own ways. A business website is meant to invite visitors and increase the sales and therefore would go for any method to do that, including insertion of Flash files. And an SEO expert tries to bring the website under the eyes of the search engine spiders so that the website is crawled and indexed, including removing the Flash files. Sounds like both are at loggerheads with each other, isn’t it? Well, not any more.

Recently, Adobe has modified Flash so that it is indexed by search engines. However, it still doesn’t mean you can just upload some colourful Flash and stand back and wait for it to be indexed. There are certain points to be remembered while adding Flash files to your website pages.

  • So far, Google is the only search engine that has started indexing Flash, which is the result of Google teaming up with Adobe in 2008 to bring new algorithms for indexing Flash content. Yahoo! and MSN are still working on it and will hopefully come up with a solution soon.
  • Ensure that the Flash is not done in Javascript as search engines are still unable to read Javascript. Do the Flash in HTML and don’t forget to include all your links in it as well.
  • Add text instead of images, even if it is Flash, and that too with enough keyword density. Search engines, after all, need something to crawl and index.
  • Bidirectional languages like Hebrew and Arabic are still a big NO for Google. Hence, make sure that the text within the Flash content is readable by its spiders.
  • Using SWFObject can take you a long way ahead with Flash files in your websites. SWFObject is a programming tool that lets you detect whether a browser would support your file.  It lets you place HTML codes behind Flash so that they are successfully read by search engine. It can also clean the code by removing all the unwanted object tags.

Though ignored by most of the search engines now, it cannot be denied that Flash has its own uses. When search engine optimisation is not much of a concern for a brand, Flash is a good way to promote it as people are aware of the product even without the website. But it can retain the loyalty of the customers as well as attract more ones to you.

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