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Black Hat SEO Techniques

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

Black hat techniques are as known in SEO community as white hat ones. Needless to say, they can make your website quite unpopular and sometimes get penalised too. It is true that these techniques can benefit a business for some time. Which is why search engines change their algorithms often. However, any short cut will soon become a wrong cut and SEO black hat techniques are not an exception.

There are many techniques in SEO that can be classified under the heading of Black Hat, as anything that is shady or has the shades of gray can be called black hat. Here are a few of the common black hat techniques that can put your business in jeopardy:

Keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffing is more or less like spamming. To stuff a keyword is to use a particular keyword repeatedly in a web page so that the page is ranked high by search engines. Besides adding it to the meta tags, alt tags, titles, links headings, the term can also used excessively in the body text.  The problem with keyword stuffing is that though search engines might fall for the high number of keywords, the human visitors who read the content would be slightly annoyed when they come across the same word again and again.

Doorway pages

Known otherwise as “gateway” pages, doorway pages are those that are seen only by search engine spiders and not by human visitors. And since they are seen by search engines they are ranked high by them. So by optimising the page for search engines it is possible to get a high rank and at the same time redirect the visitors to the real pages. Again, this is a technique that runs the risk of getting the page banned.

Invisible text

Invisible pages refer to adding keywords to a web page in white colour or the background colour so that it remains invisible to the human visitor but visible to be crawlable for search engine spiders. Though this is a very convenient way to add lots of keywords to the text it is becoming easy to detect it.

Content duplication

This is a very harmful black hat technique that can cause even the permanent ban of the website. Duplicate content can occur across the websites as well as within the site. Content duplication happens when blocks of content within a website or across domains match completely or appear to be very similar. When there are similar content in different pages of the same website you can let the search engine spiders know which URL you prefer to be crawled (the process called canonicalization). However, when content is deliberately taken from a different website it can annoy search engines as well as human visitors. The result – lower visitors to the site and ban from the search engines.

Black hat SEO techniques can be quite tempting as they bring results fast with less effort and in less time. However, in the long run they can be quite risky for the website. It is just not worth taking the risk. The best way is always the ethical way, which might seem longer but is definite to take you where you want.

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