Some features of Google Analytics

It is not news to anyone that online search is now synonymous with Google more than any other search engine. For the same reason, the search analytics service from Google holds importance for websites and brings relevant and useful information. Popularly known as Google analytics, it helps a website in many ways. It gives a lot of valuable statistics regarding the visitors to a site.

Besides tracking the sources of visitors, Google analytics does a lot of help to web masters. Here are a few of the features of Google analytics:

  • Helps you set your business goals. These goals are what will take your business forward.
  • Lets you compare your website’s performance at two different time periods.
  • Lets you compare the site performance at two different places.
  • Brings you data on conversions, letting you know which area of your site has more visitors turning to buyers. Based on this data you can plan your business offers.
  • Informs you at which point in your website your visitors leave the website, thus enabling you to fix those parts.
  • Summarizes the navigation route followed by your visitors. This tells you which page the visitor moved to from the Home page or from which page he/she reached your contact page.
  • Shows you the source that brought a visitor to you, whether it is a search engine, PPC (pay-per-click), email marketing, display advertising or back links.
  • Enables you to set up reports that will be automatically scheduled and sent when and to whom you want to be sent.
  • Finds the keywords that the visitors typed to find your website. This lets you provide more content and offers to that particular keywords.
  • Tells you which browser your visitors use to reach you. This also helps you find which browser doesn’t support your website and thus lets you do the needful.
  • Tells you what is the connection speed of the users’ Internet who are visiting your site. You can redesign your website based on this data so that your website is easily seen by all users.
  • Lets you know the preferred languages of your users.
  • Gives you information on how many visitors are old and how many are new. In other words, it gives you an idea of the visitors’ loyalty.
  • Tells you which page most number of users visit and how long they spend there. You can accordingly work more on it to enhance it as well as work on the remaining pages to make those pages also popular.

These are not all. There are even more advantages that you could find in Google Analytics. Make your visit to the service and get all of them to make your website the best and thus take your business to the front.

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