Social Networking: Small Businesses, What’s Stopping You?

What’s the newest way small businesses have found to market themselves? Well, the answer would have to be Twitter or Facebook or MySpace. Apart from cell phones and ATMs, social networking could be the most recent development that has revolutionised the world, especially the business world. How so?  Check the list below and you’ll know.

Opportunity to create a brand

Creating a profile in a social networking site is almost equivalent to creating a brand name for your product. When you create a profile in a social media site you’ll have URL to access that profile. All you need to do here is to make sure that your brand name is included in that URL. This is of course going to help you in bringing up your site in the search results. And those who search exactly your site will find it fast.

Increased quality back links

You can attain back links in two ways, either pay for them or get them naturally. As in everything else, getting them naturally is and has been always the best way possible. One such natural way is to link back to your own site through the different social networking sites you become a part of. Add your company’s links and they will be counted as inbound links to your website. And the best catch? It’s free!

Flow of traffic

Social media websites can drive quality traffic to your website. You can also attract traffic to your site based on the industry in which you are. Posting videos and images are always an invitation to other users who are interested in the same field. You yourself might have seen links and images in other profiles while browsing through these websites.

Getting to know your customers

Social media is the best way to know what your customers want and what they feel about your product. Exactly the reason why it is called “social media”. Of course, the reaction might not be always favorable. But then reactions would always be there, be it negative or positive. Better to be a part of that conversation than that of the conversation behind your back. Moreover, social networking sites are another arena where you could announce all the major developments in your business, like the launch of a new product, new branch, any seasonal offers, discounts, etc.

Get to know each other

Another opportunity that social networking gives is to communicate with the users who are in same field as you. Not only you can create and join groups but also chat with your competitors and keep up a healthy competition. With a little bit of caution, these relationships that you build with like-minded people can be of great advantage to you in daily activities as well as sometimes international conferences.

Social networking is not something to be feared; instead, if used wisely, it can bring you a lot of benefits. These different kinds of media, be it blogs, microblogs like Twitter, wikis and discussion forums, have proven to be a very successful way to promote your business in many different ways. Though the risks are also numerous, practiced with knack and common sense, you can use this free marketing methods to take your business where you want it to reach.

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