Social media and business: Is there a link?

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There was a time when marketing a product or service meant printed brochures, bill boards, newspapers and television advertisements. As you know, things have drastically changed now.  Promotion of a business was slowly shifted to the World Wide Web and every company, regardless of its size, started creating its own website. However, with the number of websites increasing the competition became tough and soon mere creation of a website was not enough; the magic was in making that website visible to users. Social media at this time has been growing to reach an unavoidable part of life and today it has become inevitable to commerce as well.

Social media has come to comprise a lot of things in the current online scenario. To define broadly, it is the social interaction of people using web based and mobile based applications by being a part of an online community and sharing ideas. It comprises blogs, social networking, bookmarking, social search, etc. It is hard to say exactly from which date social media became a part of the marketing techniques of companies. To cut the long story short, social media like Facebook and Twitter are now some of the most effective and popular methods of marketing.

So what created this sudden rage for the online socializing? Why are so many businesses behind social media? Here is an attempt to find some of the reasons for their tremendous popularity.

  • Global exposure

There is no other means of exposing your business to the world as effective as the Web. It can open market across the globe, letting users everywhere notice your presence. This way, even if your products are not in demand in one place there are chances of it getting sold like hot cakes in another. So, the business that you wouldn’t think of marketing overseas would be displayed everywhere with social media.

  • Inexpensive publicizing

Most of the social media websites are free to be used; hence you can easily create your profile there and thus make your presence known without spending even a penny. Completely different from the thousands you used to keep apart for your marketing campaigns, spreading your word through these websites are affordable and cheap.

  • Connection with customers

Social media is the best option to get instant feedback from your customers. Also, it lets you keep in touch with them and inform them of your latest products and offers. If you are a service provider, you could update on the new events and discount prices that you are offering. This lets you get adequate attention from the users and thus establish your brand. Moreover, here you can answer customers’ queries as well as correct them on any myths they have regarding your products. Social media is the best way to forge relationships with the users and thus make them your loyal customers.

  • Explaining features

Just as great content is the best ingredient for effective SEO, it could be a huge attraction for visitors too. You could create some good content, not just search engine optimized but that which contain genuine information about your business and products. These forums are the best place to point out the highlights of your products as well as promise better versions.

  • Remain in the loop

Besides keeping you in touch with the latest trends in the industry, social media websites also tell you what your competitors are up to and how they get their customers. This way you are always updated and at par with or ahead of them. At times, these websites even help you recruit professionals by providing you access to their profiles.

People who enter the online community are initially at a loss on what they should do and how. Checking out the blogs of some of the most popular brands in your industry could be your first step. However, instead of just being a casual reader, show your interest by providing genuine and informed comments as well. It is true that social media help businesses, but remember their basic purpose is to let you socialize and not commercialize.

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