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Browsing through a lot of websites on SEO, you might have read that title tags are important. So, what are title tags? A title tag is an HTML code that tells what a particular web page contains through a particular keyword that a user types in a search engine. It is the title tag that gives the search engine the information as to what a web page is all about. We hope that these tips would help you create attractive title tags taking your website high up in the ladder.

  1. A title tag that has the relevant keyword can take your site up in the search engine ranking position. Including keyword in your title tag is like naming your shop with the product you sell. Customers come to buy from you only if they see on your name board what you sell. Similarly, if your title tag does not mention what your web page contains, it is going to attract neither the search engine nor human visitors.
  2. The word order of the title tag is very important. If your business is greeting cards and your website is Greeting cards ABC, it is much more relevant than ABC greeting cards from the search engine point of view. Hence, make sure that your title tag has words that are placed in the right and relevant order.
  3. Make your title tag easy and pleasant to read. While creating your title tag satisfying search engines alone is not enough. Search engines after all list not only your site but a lot. Making the user click on yours is another task that requires creativity and knack. Here, the trick is to make the title tag pleasant for the eye to read.
  4. Make your title tag unique. Any trade that you are in, you are sure to have rivals. If the search engines as well as users have to pick your website, you need to provide them with something that is different from other, something that is unique. Using an attractive and unique title tag always make a big difference in your ranking position in search engines.
  5. Include action words in your title tag. Inspire your readers to do something when they read the tag. It should compel or persuade the readers to take the action that you want them to take.

Some don’ts while creating title tags

  1. Don’t leave your title tag blank.
  2. Don’t use default text or ‘Untitled’ in your title tag.
  3. Don’t create title tags that are not related to your website content.
  4. Don’t repeat keywords in your title tag.
  5. Don’t make your title tag too long or too short.
  6. Don’t use the same title tag for different web pages.
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