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The main aim and intention of an SEO service is to bring a website to the front page of a search engine. At The Web Clinic, however, the ultimate goal is not just the top position in Google or Yahoo! but a heavy traffic to the site as well as increased sales and business growth. Keeping this in mind we plan each and every one of our SEO strategies. Here are some of the features of The Web Clinic that make us one step ahead of the crowd.

  • Comprehensive pre-analysis free of cost

We have a unique offer of providing a pre-analysis of your site absolutely free! Once you provide your website address, name, and email ID, we will study your website, its design, usability, and results. We provide you details on the strengths and weaknesses of the website from the perspective of the visitors. This gives you an idea of what more has to be done for the site to be more alluring and profitable.

  • Efficient diagnosis

Upon your signing a contract with us we begin a 12 month long business relationship with you which you are never going to regret. We start with a thorough diagnosis of your website to study all its aspects. Here are the information we collect as a part of your diagnosis:

  1. The current position of the website in the search engines and the current page rank it has.
  2. The performance of your competitors in the market and the visitors their website gets per day.
  3. The performance of the key phrases that your website currently focuses on and the potential keywords that can be effective.
  4. Once we complete the detailed study of your site we send you a diagnostic report with all the details we found, the steps we plan to take to bring your website up in the search engine pages and our suggestions to bring more visitors as well as make them stay in your site.

Here is the start of the real search engine optimisation of your website. The following are some of the steps that we take to optimise your website:

  1. Meta data updates – Your keywords and phrases are added in prominent locations in the website like header tag, title tags, text titles and headings, alt tags etc.
  2. Site map creation – We create a map of your entire website and apply for a Google site map submission.
  3. Code clean up – We find and rectify the broken links, bad designs and irrelevant pages and URL in the site.
  4. Content creation and submission – We create original and keyword-rich content for your website. We also create articles, blogs and press releases for your site and submit them in respective directories to ensure that your site remains the favourite of search engines as well as human visitors.
  5. Directory submission – To ensure that your site gets more quality inbound links we submit your site URL to various directories.
  6. Search engine submission – Every time you add a new page in your website we submit it in various search engines through site map XML feed.
  7. Monthly reporting – During the 12 months that we work for you we ensure that you are kept informed of our work. For this we send you a work report every month that includes the details of our work as well as our suggestions to make the site more appealing.

The Web Clinic believes that maintaining a website in the front page is as important as bringing it there. Therefore, we keep working on your website even after it reaches the top positions in search engines. We believe in a mutually beneficial relationship and for us your success is synonymous with ours.

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