Search engine queries

Given below are some Search Queries

• Dictionary: To see a definition for a word type “define:” and then the word you want defined. Eg, Define: Search Engine Optimisation

• File Types: Search engines can search for non html files and images. If you want to see a particular file type in search results type the file type’s extension after the keywords as follows… The Web Clinic filetype:pdf will return only portable documents (PDF) that have the keyword The Web Clinic.

• Product Search: If you search for internet shopping products using google product search then you can see the product details with information and links to the source online ecommerce online shop website. These results are not advertisements like adwords or pay per click. Product search is completely free service for online internet ecommerce websites. Therefore using the following google product search page ( for ” Search Engine Optimization ” should return books related to Search Engine Optimisation.

• Similar Websites: When you click on the “Similar Pages” link for a search result, Google Search Engine can find sites with similar content with which you may be unfamiliar.

• Spell Checker: Because Google built in spell check whenever you enter a query is based on occurrences of all words on the Internet, it is able to suggest common spellings that might not appear in a standard dictionary.

• Calculator: To use Google’s built-in calculator, enter the calculation you’d like done into the search box. It can solve arithmetic maths problems (6-2*10) complicated maths (sqrt (2^10)-2), units of measure (16 pounds * 40 feet) conversions (16 pounds * 40 feet in Calories).

• Films: Use the “film:” operator to search for films related to a specific actor, director or plot detail. For example: “film:lancaster” will display all cinema listings around Lancaster in the UK.

Additional special search queries can be found in the PDF document which you can download here. This document fits into one page that you can conveniently print out.
Download More Special Search Engine Queries

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