Search Engine Marketing Explained

Which Search Engine is Important?

All major search engines provide a way for internet users to find websites about a certain topic quickly and easily by simply typing in a few keywords. Simply put, a search engine can send potential customers to your ecommerce website. This is why search engine optimisation should form the core of any online marketing venture. If you know effective methods of internet marketing, then you can improve your online shop website’s search engine positioning and web presence, which can send you significantly more prospective clients every day than otherwise. Google is currently the most widely used internet search engine while Yahoo is an established search engine company that predates google but is now less popular but is likely to merge with large companies like Microsoft (Feb 2008) to regain their market share.
How Google Indexes Websites

Many people think that once a site is created, it will be indexed fairly quickly. This is not true. The way Google indexes a new website is to follow links from the site’s homepage to the rest of the site using a web bot. For this to happen, the site’s homepage must also be cited from another website that is already indexed by google or manually submitted to google sitemaps using an XML feed. It’s possible that the new pages with original content will rank well initially because Google traditionally likes new content but then those pages that fail to continue to justify their higher ranking will then be dropped at the next crawl.
How To Determine an Indexing State

To check if your website is indexed by google, simply put in its URL into google search box and hit enter. If the search engine results page (SERP) contains a listing of the page that the URL is pointing to, then it is indexed. The snippet information in SERPs are usually taken from the meta description tag or the DMOZ directory description of your website. The title is normally the title of the page as it appears between the tags.

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