Role of SEO in Internet Marketing

Search engine optimisation, SEO as it is widely called, is now a globally known facet of online or Internet marketing. Any website owner, as soon as the website is created, would be trying to get it listed in the major search engines. And SEO, as you know, is the best aid for that. Many business owners just create the website, submit it in the search engine and then think that their job is done or, worse, forget to do anything more about it. Wrong. The real Internet marketing begins there.

In case of the online traffic to a website, quality is much more important than quantity. After all, you need 100 visitors who would convert to buyers rather than 1000 visitors who would just visit the site, hang around and leave without making a purchase. This is where SEO becomes relevant. Because it concentrates on a target audience who is searching for a particular product which is why they typed in the particular keyword that your website concentrates on in the first place.

The main advantage of search engine optimisation is that it brings benefits not just to your business but also to the users. By insisting on quality content and specific keywords SEO provides more information to the users who are searching for information. In fact, it multiplies that information by giving relevance to external links as well. Thus, if you sell wedding shoes you give information to the users on wedding gowns and wedding venues also through the related links that you have added in your site. Moreover, it can check the web designers from adding all those elements which would, though make the website attractive and captivating, only distract the readers from getting the details they were looking for.

SEO comprises the key areas that the website owners who do online marketing concentrate on. It creates a brand for your products, generates awareness of the website, increases traffic and converts the visitors to buyers. However, all of these only points to the fact that it should be an ongoing process. Constant updates and improvisations matter a lot to the optimisation of a website in the search engine. Be it a new website or an established one, SEO would never cease to be an important part of its marketing strategy.

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  1. I found this post via one of your more recent posts. I truly am impressed by this post. It is very usefull for me explaining SEO importance to my clients.

  2. Can anyone recommend a good seo company for me? there seems to be a mound of them, some people say use who shows up first in google when you type in seo which kind of makes sense but I’m not sure. Any help or advice would be appreciated. I’ll check back regular for responses.

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