Relevance of Yahoo directory submission

Being ranked high and positioned in the front in Yahoo has its own advantages. Even though the popularity of Google eclipses that of Yahoo, there are quite a lot of people who actually loves Yahoo as a search engine besides using its email service. And as far as submitting in the directory of Yahoo is concerned, it can bring advantages completely worth the money that you pay for.

So what is Yahoo directory?

It is a huge human created and managed library of websites, divided into different categories and sub categories. By making an annual payment of $299 you can enlist your website in yahoo directory under the category which your website falls in.

The link that your website gains from enlisting in Yahoo directory does nothing more than adding to another back link. Still, yahoo directory is beneficial to a website in many ways. How so? Let’s check out.

Benefits of Yahoo directory

  • Visibility

For a new website, a position in Yahoo directory adds to its exposure. It is seen by the human visitors as well as Yahoo Slurp, especially if the slurp is finding it difficult to crawl your site. In other words, Yahoo directories enhances your web presence.

  • Help in organic listing

Yahoo has never admitted this, but from the existing users, the hint is that being in the directory helps a website to be included in the organic listing of Yahoo. Though the impact is not very high, it indeed creates an effect indirectly.

  • Quality inbound link

Yahoo directory also serves as an inbound link to your site depending on your position and the category in which you are positioned.

Yahoo directory is not as relevant as it used to be. Still, it brings the necessary visibility to a new website. And if you are careful of the category in which you place your website, you can reap the benefits you had in mind while enlisting.

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