Product websites Vs. Service websites

Are SEO techniques different for websites that sell products and those that sell services ?

Each day witnesses the birth of more and more websites. Most parts of the world are now realising the wonders of online business and have moved to online selling. Companies sell either a specific product (wedding gowns, carpets, chocolates, etc.) or a particular service (furniture cleaning, IT services, couriers, etc.). Optimising all these websites for Google or Yahoo or any similar search engine using the same techniques might not work and bring results all the time.

Wondering why? Because some techniques that might work well for a service website might not work for a product related website. While keyword-rich content, back links and description tags are some of the common requisites for all business websites, there are some factors that become more important for either product related sites or service related ones.

Need for images

Product selling websites obviously needs more images as that is how their customers get to see what they are looking for and decide whether to buy or not. Even though search engines do not crawl images you need to find space for them. So keyword-rich product descriptions and alt tags become all the more important and essential here. In the case of websites that sell services images are not as necessary. From the perspective of SEO more content in the form of articles, blogs and press releases are more effective here.

Localised keywords

Localised keywords become important in the case of websites that advertise services. Because products can be delivered across the globe while most of the services cannot be, localised keywords do not matter as much in the case of websites that sell products. For example, if you are in need of a dental care specialist you would obviously add your location in your search keyword instead of just a generic keyword “dental care”.

Contact details

For service related websites your contact details are crucial. For the reason stated above, services are always in demand locally than products are. Hence, providing your contact details in all pages of the website is not only going to help you bring customers but also attract search engines.


While products have descriptions added to them, services might not require as much in terms of precise specifications. Products would need all the information that a customer might ask if he had been purchasing it from a conventional retail showroom. In the case of a service website, the experience of the company and the expertise of the company staff have to be concentrated on.

Dynamic/static URLs

It is not news that search engines always prefer static URLs. However, in the case of product websites it is not always practical to have static URLs for all the pages as they would be numerous. Whereas in the case of a service website, the intention is mainly to let yourself and your online presence be known to customers. Here, all you need to tell the customers is about your company and the services. Naturally, web pages would be lesser and easier to be created as static URLs.

Whether a website is meant to sell a product or advertise a service optimising it for search engines is a step that has become crucial as well as ubiquitous. A good search engine optimisation job would recognise the differences between both and work accordingly. Needless to say, this recognition can help the go travel a long way ahead.

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