Product review writing

Whether it is a cellular phone or a microwave oven, or something as simple as a bar of chocolate we all tend to go for opinions from others. Even when you search online for a product, before checking out the lengthy and technical instructions and user manuals, what you would check for are the reviews and ratings from previous customers who have used them. One main reason for this is that the feedback and reviews from other buyers tell you in layman’s terms how a product is and what is the result of using it. They come from first-hand experience and therefore are valuable for someone who is about to buy it.

Today we know that most of the purchases happen online, whether it is a product or a service. If you have a business you cannot expect all your customers to visit you at your shop. Online shopping has become a part of life for a great number of people, and hence if your business is based online, adding product reviews to your website is a must. Product review writing is important to your business much more than you realize.

Customers need not believe all the descriptions that you have given along with a product. In fact, a wise customer would definitely seek out other independent product reviews to see what other buyers have said about it. And if they find a rating that is too low or a review that harms than helps your business, they are more likely to seek other vendors. Product review writing therefore can make a huge difference in your sales.

So how do you go about it? First let’s see the information about the product that a good and educated review normally contains:
• Details like measurements and scientific names
• Description
• Uses
• Advantages
• Disadvantages
• Price
• Comparison with other similar products (optional)

However, would it be enough if you just provide these details in a similar bullet list and get over with it? Not at all. What the buyers are looking for is whether these points made a difference for you and if yes, then how. Here are a few pointers to make your product reviews convincing and appealing to the customers:

Make the review interesting to readDull sordid facts are not going to help in creating reviews. Sound humorous or interesting. Give catchy headlines and strong action-oriented verbs that would perk up the readers. Your reviews have to make them think, “hey, I need to have one of those”! Try to sound like you are talking to your friend as to whether he should buy it or not.

Be honest

To sound honest you need to be honest. Make sure you have tried out the product at least once before you write the review. And be frank as much as possible. Even if you find any short coming in the product mentioning it would add to your credibility.

Make the review informative

Just adding a few technical details will not make the readers spend their money to buy. Add as much information as possible like what makes the product special and why should the reader buy from you. Also, tell them how your product is different from other similar products and in what ways.
In short, though ultimately you are writing a review to add your sales and benefit your business, never forget your readers who, depending on your writing, would soon be your customers. Hence, write for their sake and to inform them of the features of your product. Sound more personal and the readers are definitely going to remember it when they are out for shopping.

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