Pay Per Click Vs Search Engine Optimisation

The two most popular methods of website marketing in the current internet environment today are SEO which stands for search engine optimization and pay per click marketing. Many times the two are used together for maximum exposure. Overall they can both be fairly labor intensive in their creation and there are particular guidelines that should be followed to make them work best for you.

Pay Per Click

Each of the major search engines has a format developed where you can choose keywords relevant to your website and pay to have your page or site listed under those words in a highlighted position. Depending on the rate you pay and how true your content is to the keywords chosen you can be placed at the very top in a highlighted area of the search results for visitors or placed on a sidebar of the page. There is usually a minimal fee for the service on a monthly basis but you only pay for the actual appearance of your site in those listings when your link is clicked on and visited.

Pay per click advertising can be very difficult for a beginner to understand and implement properly. Using a top-notch web designer with the experience and knowledge to know what keywords will work best for your site and how much to bid on each word will make this method truly practical for marketing your site. The Web Clinic Internet Solutions has nine years of experience in the field of website design and internet marketing and can offer you the best advantages when dealing with the complicated methods of pay per click advertising.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO tools are not just one item but rather an entire category of internet marketing tools and they have many rules and regulations developed by search engines to regulate the rankings on their pages. The Web Clinic can develop every aspect of your website to conform to the highest standards of SEO rules so that your site is placed as high as possible on the search engine results page. The biggest benefit to this kind of marketing is that you only pay for the development of the pages. After that no matter how often you are ranked at the top of the results pages, or how often a visitor clicks on your site it won’t cost you any more money.

That is the biggest difference between pay per click v Search Engine Optimization methods. With pay per click you will pay continuously through the life of your campaign where with a website built with solid SEO methods you only pay once. This can mean a savings of hundreds or thousands of dollars annually with an active website if each of the methods is used properly.

Deciding upon which method to use, or if it is best to use both is something an experienced web designer can guide you through. The Web Clinic Internet Solutions will work with you to get the most out of your internet marketing plans so that you have the most traffic at the most cost effective rate.

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