Online shop websites

An online shop website owner needs to design their ecommerce solution with the following considerations in mind…

Web hosts needs to be able to store website files on secure servers. Unix based website hosting tends to be more secure than Windows based servers as all version of Windows are more susceptible to viruses than any version of Linux.

• Protection of credit card details from eavesdroppers is needed as the data passes through the internet between the client and the server as indicated by a padlock logo that appears on the browser window. Double click on the padlock and it will give you the website security certificate details.

• Use of a regularly updated anti virus program, spyware program, security updates and patches. Never run a program from a recipient who you do not know and never devulge your password information to anyone claiming to be from business first unless they can be verified.

• The webserver and the network that it is on needs to maintain logs of all activity. This produces an audit trail that can be used to find the source of any attempt to steal sensitive information.

• Fail safe technology such as off site backups is required in case of a catastrophe such as virus or damage to servers and uninterruptible power supply to prevent power cuts from corrupting a transaction in progress.

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