Online Marketing – isn’t it just another way to reduce my profits?

Justifying your advertising used to be a bit of a hit and miss affair. You could pay for a half page in a popular industry magazine once a month for six months and then count how many telephone calls you generated from it over the year, then divide the cost of the advert by the total to see how much each call cost you. The problem with this was that you paid the same amount for the advertising even if nobody called! So one campaign may be profitable, another one disastrous.

Nowadays, with Pay Per Click advertising, you can decide precisely how many carefully targeted potential new customers you want to  visit your website every day, can specify where they should be located and can then direct them to precisely the page on your site that will most interest them.  OK , you can still draw a blank with sales, because your product is no good or your price is wrong, but you can definitely guarantee the number of visitors who show interest!

Yet for many businesses Pay per Click advertising can still lead to the nightmare of seeing slim margins being eaten away more and more as bid prices spiral out of control and monthly advertising budgets go higher and higher.Online Marketing

Pay per Click advertising can be highly profitable, if you know when to apply it and how to use the right combination of keyphrases and content to mimimise bid prices and get the most out of a tightly controlled budget.

Using Pay per Click for long term traffic generation is always an expensive option. Compared to organic SEO results, Pay Per Click is, by nature, bound to impose limitations on traffic because you can only ever bring traffic to your site if you are prepared to pay for it. With a fixed budget you will quickly reach a ceiling for visits and these will then flatten off. With SEO there are no such limits so the amount of traffic can go on increasing to the full number of searches carried out on every searchphrase.

Using Pay per Click for new sites – to do keyword research and test out pricing strategies,  is a different story. We can apply what we have learned to SEO and can then build your business long term using those results without you having to keep paying out more and more to keep pace.

Using Pay per Click to identify top traffic sites within your industry where you can place top quality advertising banners  and bring new potential customers to your site,  is another key area well worth exploring within your marketing mix. You can’t do that with SEO. SEO works with search engines, not with specialist sites.

Using Pay per Click to identify frequently visited facebook groups that fit in with your customer profile, then advertising your special promotion or competition to drive people to your company facebook page, before finally sending them off to your site to fill in the form or get the deal with a special facebook promotion code, now that is simply using good sense. Facebook pay per click prices are nowhere near as high as Google Adwords, so you can get more visits from highly targetted potential customers for every pound you invest.

Talk to your Web Clinic Relationship Manager now to find out how we can help you manage your Pay per Click campaign to help grow your business.

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