One way link building – What, why and how

Often when you check different articles and blogs about good SEO techniques you’ll see that one way link building has found its place as one of the most prominent methods of effective search engine optimisation. Why is this so? What is so special about one way link building? Hope you’ll find below the answers to at least a few of your questions.

What is one way link building?

If you are familiar with SEO its difficult not to know what is one way link building. One way links are the links in another website that directs the visitors to any page in your website.

Why is a one way link so important?

Links as you know is a proof of your credibility and quality. Search engines give a lot of value to the back links you have. It is one of the deciding factors of your page rank. If your link is used by a website owner it is because he or she thinks that your website has content worth shared by the visitors to that site. This scenario is entirely opposite to that of reciprocal links where your link is accepted by a website on the condition that you will accept that link too.

How do you get quality back links?

The main factor that brings back links for you is your content. Because whether your website is worth visiting is determined by the quality of your content. Here are a few ways in which you can find some quality links.

  • Give something significant enough for other sites to link to you.
  • Provide original and quality content.
  • Submit text materials like articles, blogs, press releases, etc. in directories.
  • Create newsletters that describe your business
  • List your website in categorised business associations

One way link building is time consuming and requires hard work and determination. The basic requirement for good links is a good website which is anyway what you need ultimately. The point you need to remember is that your link building has to be natural. In other words, deliberately looking out for links is “unnatural” and will not help in any way.

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