Mobile SEO: Is it a Good Idea?

Mobile marketing through SMS is stale news. With iphones and blackberrys becoming a common part of inventory of modern entrepreneurs, the scope of search and marketing via mobile is booming straight up. Mobile searches have grown in terms of number and variety since 2007, and 2009 is considered to be the year of mobile search and marketing. In other words, this is a cue for online marketers to get their websites ready for mobile marketing and enhancing them for mobile SEO.

Much as it sounds attractive, mobile search is not easy. There are quite a few aspects to consider while creating a mobile-friendly website.

1. Does mobile marketing suit your business?

Mobile marketing or searching might not go well for all businesses. When you create a website, it is aimed for a particular audience. And if your audience is not going to browse your site through their mobiles, you might as well concentrate on desktop marketing. Restaurants, movies, service stations are examples that can be searched through mobiles. Whereas, if your business is of software that needs advanced system requirements or of interior decoration that needs larger monitors to drive the point clearer for users, your best option would be desktop marketing.

2. Have you submitted your site to major mobile search engines?

Users can reach you only if you are known to the major mobile search engines. Hence, get yourself indexed in the mobile search engines for quick and effective spidering. These are few mobile search engines that you can submit your website to.

3. Are you using 100% valid XHTML 1.0 code?

Using a valid code is always the best practice while doing mobile marketing. Search engines find your site easily and with less trouble if you use a 100% valid code. So why take risk? Make sure you are using the right and valid code.

4. Are you sure that your site is accessible for users?

When you go for mobile marketing you have to keep in mind the mobile device as well as the user. Make sure that your website can be accessed from any platform and by any user, including those with disabilities. After all, accessibility is an important and must-have prerequisite for popularity.

5. Are you using the standard SEO techniques?

This includes the usual lot you have seen in hundreds of SEO websites: enough keyword density, at least one quality backward link and keyword-rich title tag, H1 headings and body content.

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2 Responses to “Mobile SEO: Is it a Good Idea?”

  1. Good tip on 100% valid XHTML 1.0 code, I’ve seen a lot of sites break and the webmaster very frustrated at the issue when all they needed to do was validate the code and get it properly coded!

  2. Gary Taylor says:

    I’ve done an article on my blog to help people get off the ground with mobile marketing entitled “10 easy tips to help you market your mobile website” hopefully it will come in useful to others who read your post.



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