Link building through social media – Moving with the trend?

Social media, which includes blogging and micro blogging, has become a part of contemporary life. The number of people with an account in Facebook or Twitter or similar websites is increasing day by day. These websites help you find new friends as well as catch up with old ones, be a part of online communities, keep yourself updated with what’s happening in your friends’ lives, etc. However, from the perspective of SEO social media brings you a different set of benefits.

Social media can increase your online popularity and make your web presence felt, thus bringing in more and more visitors to your website. More importantly, it is a big source of incoming links for your business website, one of the best ways to increase your ranking in search engines. But don’t be under the impression that just by creating a profile and updating it with some random information you can grab those links.

Many prominent websites like Digg, Youtube, Flicker, Facebook and Twitter apply the “nofollow” attribute that prevent the search engines from leaving them through external links. So you don’t benefit much from adding your links there. Then what is the advantage of these sites? Well, the advantage is that they let you have an RSS feed of your content in them. Meaning, if the readers, especially bloggers, click your link and find the content worthy, they will follow you from their own website.

So how do you make people take the trouble of following you through your RSS feed? Well, social media requires a little more attention from you to get what you want. Here are a few tips for you to get people link to you through blogs and micro blogs:

  • Don’t add just any content in the social media sites. Make sure that the readers would find it important. If you add something regarding the internal projects in your company nobody would be interested. Readers will follow if they find the content useful and interesting to them.
  • Be cordial to other members in the community. This is your business profile and you cannot afford to sound rude or, worse, silly here.
  • Be active in the account. Keep updating frequently, comment for others’ entries and reply punctually for the comments others posted.
  • Constructive criticism is good. But keep away from criticizing someone harshly. If you have nothing positive to tell someone it is better to keep silent. Same way, be open to good criticism from others.
  • Get to know the website well. Sometimes you might just stick to updating and commenting and nothing more. It is good to know all the aspects of a website.
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