Know where you are indoors with Google Maps 6.0 for Android

Are you in a large airport sprawled for acres trying to find its ticket counter or washroom? Or searching for your favourite brand showroom in a huge shopping mall? With the new Google Maps 6.0 specially for Android, there is no need for you to run around looking for enquiry counter at an airport or a shopping mall.

Till now, Google Maps guided us to find the way outdoors with the usual blue dot that indicates where you are right now. But now Google has partnered with “some of the largest retailers, airports and transit stations in United States and Japan” and helps you find where you are and what you are looking for in these places with its new Google Maps 6.0. Google Maps for Android now “enables you to figure out where you are and see where you might want to go when you’re indoors”. In other words, it helps you determine which floor you are on and where the place you are looking for is. Android users can also use other available features such as finding out restaurants and stores in the vicinity of a few metres.

With Google Maps 6.0, when you enter these selected places and open the Google Maps, their detailed floor plans would appear. As you move around, the interface would automatically get updated to show the location where you are right now. Google has added a few airports and stores for the time being; however, in course of time it would be adding more locations around the United States and Japan. Currently, this facility is for Android devices including mobile phones and tablets. IPhone users might have to wait for some more time.

The help centre for Google Maps for Android has the complete list of indoor locations in the United States and Japan where you could avail this facility for now. In fact, if you have a business of your own and wish to add the floor plan of your store in the Maps, you could do that as well through the help centre. Very soon, your customers could find you through Google Maps and thus reach you faster and easier.

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