Influence of Press Releasing on SEO

Press releases are almost always associated with newspapers and magazines. That way, “SEO press release” is a contradiction in itself. However, with the advent of electronic media and e-commerce it has ceased to be unfamiliar term. Almost all businesses are done either with an online marketing support or wholly through online media.  And hence, marketing these businesses is done via online media and press releases are indispensable for that.

What is an SEO press release?

An SEO press release or a press release meant for search engine optimisation is a mode to let your customers know the recent developments that have happened in your company or business. It is journalism with the double impact of delivering news as well as marketing the product or service.  Press releases are now written with the additional intention of attracting the search engines to your website with suitable keywords and bringing in enough back links to rank well in search engines.

What’s special about SEO press releases?

The phrase “press release” normally brings to mind the monotonous and boring image of a report with the bare details of news. However, the scene has changed widely now. The press release of today consists of not some black and white images and black words on white background but videos, links, images in colour, social media links and much much more. Press releases can bring you traffic just by the power of your words. And with the keywords inserted in necessary places to lure the much-awaited top position in search engines, press release is an aspect that you cannot think of avoiding in SEO.

Why is press releasing important in SEO?

Press releases are an effective method to increase the incoming organic traffic to your website. And what else is the best way to let your customers know about anything new related to your website, product or business? Besides, it is quite inexpensive compared to other SEO technique. Other then the time you require to write it and distribute it electronically there is nothing you need to spare for press releases. Because once you enter it in the electronic media the message catches up automatically.

What has a press release got that articles and blogs don’t?

  • More traffic: Submitting press releases in well-known and reputed PR websites can bring in more traffic than submitting articles and blogs.
  • Automatic redistribution: Press releases serve as news for various news portals and websites, thereby bringing in more traffic.
  • Speed:             When you have an important message to deliver to your customers press releases are the best option because of their circulating speed. Search engines give a lot of priority to press release content.
  • Customer interest: Most users are interested in knowing what’s new about a product rather than what is special about a product which is what articles and blogs normally talk about. That way press releases score over articles and blogs.
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  1. Lyda Comp says:

    Press Releases are my first love,received a number of nice outcomes (and still getting) from press launch submissions, definitely fastest than article advertising and marketing and if executed correctly -sky is the limit. Best Regards

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