Importance of Web Analytics on SEO

Before checking out how important a role web analytics can play in SEO, let’s step back and see what exactly web analytics is. To put it short, it’s the steps you take when you enter any website. It’s the study of the behavior of a visitor in your website, their expectations when they enter your site, their likes and dislikes, etc. Wikipedia has put it precisely and concisely as the “collection, analysis and reporting of internet data for purposes of understanding and optimising web usage”. From this you would’ve guessed how web analytics is related and indispensable to SEO.

For any kind of marketing a study of the current situation of the product or service is essential. Unless you know how your product and website fare currently no way you can optimise them to perform better. Here are a few aspects you get to learn when you do web analytics:

  • How often do customers visit your site?
  • Which keywords drive them to your site?
  • What do they do first when they enter the site?
  • Which pages in your website do they mainly visit?
  • Do they convert after browsing through your site? If so, how often?
  • During which time of the year do you get more visitors and more sales?
  • Which part of the globe are your customers mainly from?
  • From which search engine do they reach your site?
  • Which browser do they use in searching?
  • How long do visitors stay in your website?
  • Which are the top landing pages and exit pages?
  • Do the visitors return to your site? If so, how often?

Undoubtedly these data are exactly the answer for your need of a successful and effective search engine optimisation. It helps you in many different ways. You can enhance the different areas of your site that the visitors rarely visit. You can do new keyword analysis if the current keyword is not effective. You can in fact find the common keywords people type to get the product or service that you provide.

Doing a thorough web analytics is helpful in not just doing an effective SEO but also learning the current market situation and the performance of your product there.

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