How to Tackle Google Sandbox

There is yet to be another search engine to break the monopoly of Google, which is not news to you. Google is almost a synonym for search and has recently even started taking a verb form to make “Googling” or “Googled” in casual conversations. And what other reason would the webmasters need to prioritise their optimisation efforts for Google rather than any other search engine? To be on the front pages of Google is what every new site aims for and what every new site cannot do. And the reason? Meet Google sandbox!

Google sandbox is a supposed filter that Google uses to prevent the new websites from reaching the top pages in Google. None other than Google is wiser about whether the sandbox is for real or not. However, the owners of recent and new websites would agree that it is true. If you notice, most of the new sites, however well they are optimised, would not come to the top positions in Google, at least for the first six to eight months since they are created.

If the sandbox is real why exactly is it so? What is the purpose of sandbox? The new websites that come fully equipped with all major factors of search engine optimisation would not find it difficult to reach top pages of search engines has it not been for sandbox. In other words, Google sandbox is a filter that prevents new, not yet trustworthy websites from reaching the top positions by manipulating the search results through SEO and spamming and meeting Google’s onpage and offpage factors of optimisation.

Have you just created a website for yourself and have been waiting for quite some time to see it reach one of the top positions in Google? There are all the chances that your site has been caught in the sandbox. Here are a few hints to let you understand that your website might have got caught.

  • The website is not showing any good results even for exact titles.
  • The website ranks well in other search engines like Yahoo! and MSN.
  • The website doesn’t show up when searched with the navigational links without the www. and .com.
  • The website ranks well in the beginning and then drops far down.

Obviously, the next thing you’d want to know is how to get outside the sandbox. Well, the only to do that would be waiting. Waiting for the website to come out on its own. Because until Google feels that a site has completed its probation and is ready to be counted in the real indexing it would be in the sandbox.

So what you could do until then would be to prepare the site to rank well once it is out of sandbox. You can do this in many ways.

  • Keep adding and updating content
  • Concentrate on less popular keywords for now
  • Keep inviting more and more quality links
  • Try to get old or expired domains
  • Go for a well-established host
  • Rely on search engines other than Google for the time being

Above all, remember that you can actually extend your stay in the sandbox by inviting low quality links or ignoring the content in your website. Hence, keep away from all black hat SEO techniques. Patience is the cue here. After all, remember the saying, “patience is also a form of action”.

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