How to find your way to Google

The whole point of creating a website is to make people reach it. And what’s the best way to do that? Well, getting yourself listed in Google, of course! Google, as you know, is universal, 24/7 and extremely popular. Sounds too easy and therefore too good to be true? Well, not really. Patience is the cue here. And the normal optimisation processes.

So your next question would be what is the use if you are listed in the 50th, or God forbid! 500th, position where no one would ever know of your existence? The fact is if you make it to Google, that is just the beginning. From there you can come up front by doing an effective optimisation of your website for Google. Of course there are no particular short cuts that can guarantee you of a high position. All the search engines, as you know, have their own unique algorithms for ranking a site.

There are some basic factors that apply for all the search engines like providing good content, keyword-rich tags and quality back links. However, here are a few tips that can help you in the entering Google:

  • An all inclusive site map is one way that can ensure a visit from search engine crawlers. It is not a page that human visitors often visit. But Google crawlers are known to visit the sitemap of a website. Hence, ensure that all your web pages are found by Googlebot. There is in fact an XML site map tool from Google that makes sure that your sitemap is visited by crawlers of Google. However, it is better to create your sitemap on your own so that it is visited by the crawlers of other search engines like Yahoo! and MSN.
  • Creating a blog is another path that leads to Google, especially if it is created in that is owned by Google itself. Add blog posts on topics that are relevant to your website and provide that link that takes the reader to your home page.  Similarly, by creating quality articles on relevant topics and submitting them in article directories can also help you spread the word.
  • Do a proper research of the keywords that you need to pay attention on. If necessary, get the help of Google keyword tool. Properly researched keywords can take your website places, not to mention the happy visitors who find what they were searching for. Also, adding the keywords in the domain name and in the tagging has been reported to be quite effective.

Though you can never be sure of the reasons that can make your website rank high in Google, you can definitely work on the reasons that do not make your website popular. There are less chances of your website getting a high position in Google if:

  • The site is not connected well with other websites that deal with the same topic. In other words, if it does not have relevant, quality links
  • If Google’s most recent crawl preceded the creation of the website
  • If the website was not available or reported error at the time of Google’s crawling

It is quite easy to submit the website in Google instead of doing all these steps mentioned above. You might get faster results too. However, letting Google find your website on its own has benefits that last and would prove effective in the long run for the purpose the site was built: to bring more visitors and increase sales consequently.

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