How does efficient content management influences SEO

With all due respect to the graphics and links on a web page, it is established without doubt that ‘content is king’ when it comes to SEO. For better search engine visibility as well as increased number of visitors, unique and interesting information is a must for any website. So, you must now be thinking what’s new in it. Well, there isn’t anything new about the relevance of content to better ranking and visitors. However, when it comes to managing the content there are a few details that you might not have given a thought. Let’s consider a few of them.

  • Updating the content frequently

Suppose you have a business website with original and interesting content which is highly informational as well. How would your customers feel if they see the same home page with same content for months together? Retaining the old content for a long time gives an appearance of stagnancy that sends across a not-so-positive message to your visitors. Moreover, this puts off search engine spiders as well since they prefer websites that provide content updates constantly, especially in the home page. Updating the content is therefore absolutely necessary if you wish to keep your himan visitors and search engines interested in your website.

  • Positioning the content correctly

If you are a webmaster you’d know by now that search engines read a page from top to bottom. Unfortunately, many web masters think that images and videos are what attract more visitors to the websites and therefore provide these graphics on top of the page which should ideally belong to text content that’s genuine and interesting to read. Providing the content on top of the page is the best way to keep search engines and visitors interested as well as make them return to your website each time you update the content.

  • Reaching adequate keyword density

Including keywords in the content can be quite tricky. If you don’t add them adequately they are not going to get displayed in the search engine result pages, bringing down your number of visitors as well. On the other hand, if you add them too much its going to look quite unnatural, and the human visitors for whom it is meant would be discouraged to read further. Keyword density, therefore, should be just enough, which is ideally about 5% of the total number of words on the page. For example, if there are 100 words on a page the keywords should be not less than 5 and not more than 8. Also, it is even more important to insert the keywords in a natural way without sounding as if they are there to fill up the number.

  • Running the spell check

Spelling check is a highly important, but often ignored, part of content creation in a website. Often, the writers of content would be experts of language who might just not bother to run a spell check after creating the content. Similarly, outsourcing the content to a freelancer at minimal rates can also bring about the same outcome. Spelling errors can occur not only in the body text but also in the ALT and title attributes, anchor texts, internal and external links, etc. It would be stating the obvious to mention how much such errors can cost to your ranking and visibility.

Other than creating a negative impression on the human visitors, spelling errors would also effect the search engine ranking as most of the search engines like Google and Yahoo now provide the right word suggestions with the “Did you mean” link for the mispelled words. Records show that about 75% of the visitors click on this “Did you mean” leaving behind just the remaining 25% visitors who may or may not visit your website.

  • Filling up the empty spaces on a page

Sometimes you might come across web pages where there is a lot of space left empty without any content. This is a huge waste of space as you could insert a lot of information that can help the human visitors while satisfying the search engines’ need for content. Adding special information in boxes or links would fill up the pages as well as please the search engines.

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