Google Buzz and Marketing – How far do they meet

Online marketing has trodden beyond the weekly newsletters and coupons long time back. Just as social networking is the current trend on the Internet now, so it is in the world of marketing. As we know, for most people Internet and Google means the same. So how could Google stay away from this new online trend? In case you are that one in a million who is still unaware of Buzz, it is the social networking tool launched by Google where users can share images, videos and links with their followers or with whom they follow.

Just like Twitter and Facebook, Buzz is also doing wonders for online business owners through its power to bring the vendors and buyers closer. Here are a few factors that enable Buzz to boost your business:

Find and follow your target audience

Buzz has the unique feature that lets you find those whom you want to follow easily. This way, you can keep the updates of the leaders in your industry. Similarly, Buzz lets your customers find and follow you too. This makes it easy for you to keep them updated on all your new products or events.

No time wasted to start a social network from scratch

In the case of social networking, especially one that is meant for online marketing, finding followers and establishing a network takes some time. In the case of Buzz there is no such issue as it is integrated with Gmail. Buzz automatically brings all your Gmail contacts in its own contact book and lets you follow your Gmail friends and acquaintances and at the same time make it easy for them also to find you too.

Liven up your customer relationship with Buzz conversations

Buzz lets you have lengthy conversations with your customers, thereby making it facilitating you to let them know what is happening in your business, answer their queries and reply to their comments. And even if a follower of a follower goes through these conversations it can attract the person to join you and become a potential customer.

Select and diversify your followers

As a business owner you are prone to have customers who are in different categories like premier, regular, etc. Buzz lets you share different information with these different customer categories. For example, suppose you have discount offers for the customers in the premier category, you can add the update for them alone.

Share links and videos

You can always enhance your updates with links or videos. In case you are giving an update of a product, by providing the link to the product description in your website you get your marketing done in a highly effective way.

Buzz is not entirely free from flaws as it is struggling to mitigate the issue of inadequacy of privacy. However, for marketing purposes Buzz is meeting all expectations. It is available now in mobiles too, ensuring constant connection with customers.

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