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In contrast to search engine optimisation techniques of internet marketing where the client sees a link to your webpage in natural search engine results pages, search engine marketing involves advertisments that are either within search results pages or in the webpages of relevant sites visited.

Adsense is the name of the program that deals with sponsered adverts with google. Any website can participate in adsence through google AdWords in order that advertisements are displayed on their site. The costs to the advertiser is correlated with the effectiveness of the advert in making people visit the advertiser’s website (pay per click).

In order for adsense advertisements to be placed on a site, a block of javascript code is used on the sponsored site. Google uses its web crawler “MediaBot” that is used to determine which ads are most appropriate for that website based on its content. So a website that is largely about “outsourcing to India” would be associated with the keyword “outsourcing” by Mediabot.

Unless Media Bot has not yet crawled the site, only ads that fit the theme of the website or the webpage will be displayed in a manner called “Contextual Advertising”.

If a user is viewing a site that participates in adsence which is about website design, then the user might see ads for website design related companies such as “website hosting” companies and “search engine optimisation” consultancies in a rectangular box labeled “Sponsored Links” similar to the adverts that would be encountered on google search results pages.

Although google adsense was the first to use contextual advertising successfully, Yahoo’s Publisher Network is trying to catch up, and Kanoodle had originally thought up the idea of pay per click as early as 1999. Nevertheless, the share of revenue that google obtains from adsense continues to account for most of their profits.

Advertising online usually involves three stages. The first involves deciding what the advertisment looks like, the second involves deciding where the advertisments are displayed and the third involves paying for the advert to be displayed by the sponsored webpage. Google Adsense has seen astonishing success because it largely automates the process of deciding where the advertisment is run, automates the process of deciding the appearence of the advert and automates the payment for its display using a fairer approach that is based on the number of clicks that it generates.

The automation also allows adverts to be displayed among thousands of websites, which would be very difficult if adverts managed manually.

The pay per click advertisements that you see on websites are usually referred to as sponsored links and where they appear on search engine results pages, they would usually appear next to the search results where a specific keyword was entered as a query or where they appear on a webpage, then that page would have been previously associated with a keyword.

Pay per click involves “keyword match” or “content match”. Money is only made when the advert is clicked. The advertiser will bid on keywords so that when a user searches for a particular word, the list of sponsored links appears in the order of the amount they bid. The costs per click can be as much as 25 pence per click in a highly competitive situations.

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