Four pages crucial for an e-commerce website

If you ask someone who runs an online business which page matters most to his or her website, the person would answer without hesitating for a second that it is of course the product pages. Well, he is of course, right! What is an e-commerce website without its product page?

But imagine that you are shopping online and you enter a website to purchase a product. You choose a product and went through its descriptions and now you want to purchase it. What is the next thing you would do? Find more details about the company and how reliable it is. So which page do you need next? Of course, the About us page. And if you don’t find that page there? Check out for the contact us page, right? And what if you don’t find that either? Well, you wouldn’t think of spending more time in that website, however good the product is.

This is actually quite a common scenario for there are many websites that might have a lot of products but without providing details about themselves. Much as you would like to disagree, lack of details about yourselves can defeat the whole purpose of having an e-commerce website. So let’s check out some pages that are important for your website besides your product pages.

About Us

If you have browsed online many times you’d have noticed that there aren’t many sites that don’t have an About us page. Even if you have very little to say it is better to have a page where you can talk about yourself, your aim in creating the website, your business values and so on. It is not necessary that your visitors would read each and every word you have written there. Still, they would notice if the page is absent completely.

About Us page creates credibility. It gives the visitors confidence to buy from you. It tells your customers what you have to offer them and why they should buy from you and not from anybody else. You can give them some details like how long back you go and some recognitions that you have received like awards and accreditations. These details add to your reliability.

Another advantage is of course that you get another page of content with some of your key phrases that can be crawled by the search engines.

Contact Us

It is easy to just add your contact number at the footer of all the pages and forget about the contact us page. However, the message that your customer gets is something different. Lack of a proper contact us page tells them you are really not particular about being contacted! Besides, a physical address actually adds to your credibility.

So why not have a good contact us page with all the details like your email id, physical address and phone number? And if you have different products and departments, provide the contact details of each. In case you expect overseas customers provide the timings at which they can contact you. All these can add to the impression you make to the customers and, ultimately, increase your sales.

Also, this is a page that you can optimise for some local keywords. So why give up on an opportunity to make the search engines happy?


The search engine benefits of having a sitemap in a website, especially an e-commerce website, is huge, but as we are here discussing the benefits from the user point of view let’s focus on that. You might have a very organised and well-made website, however, a sitemap can take your users to the page they want in just1 or 2 clicks. It can also give the user an overall picture of your business and show them the whole list of all your product categories and sub categories. It gives them an idea of the website in a nutshell. So why hesitate? Give them a sitemap that is as well-designed as your website.

Legal information and policies

This is one page that most people might just copy and paste from somewhere else. Not only that is wrong but it could harm you as well. You need to be sure of the policies of your own business and make sure your customers know them as well. Legal notices and privacy policies are therefore highly important. Their absence will only create an impression that you are unprofessional.

Other than making your website unique, these pages are beneficial to you as they let you add more content and thus add value in the eyes of search engines. Hence, there is nothing that you would lose in spending some time creating these pages and uploading them. If they don’t add customers, they are sure not to reduce them, at the very least.

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