Ecommerce marketing

Ecommerce Marketing, also referred to as search engine optimisation and internet marketing, is the marketing of objects over the Internet. The methods used include the following core topic areas…

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

• Display-Advertising (Web banner ads)

Email-Marketing (Targeted Promotional Emails)

• Affiliate Marketing (A parent business rewards another affiliate business for each customer brought about by the affiliate-company)

• Interactive advertising (Using kiosks, mobile phones and viral marketing techniques to engage the consumer in a personal way.)

• Online reputation management (Similar to webpage marketing except it is for a name or brand, and the optimisation is not a single web site but rather any site that contains only positive references to that name or brand.)

• Social Marketing (blogs, social bookmarking)

Succesful ecommerce website marketing can be measured by higher search engine placement for your ecommerce website main keywords than before your internet marketing campaign commenced. Not all your keywords may be higher but most of them should be higher ranking in the search engines when you type them in after your website has been search engine ‘optimised’ compared to before. Therefore it is important to keep track of the progress throughout your campaign to ensure that the righ methods for your site are being used.

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