Choosing the right domain name

Google sometimes analyses the text that is used for your ecommerce website’s domain name. For this reason, if appropriate, you should register your primary keyword for use as the host name of the online shop website that you are planning to host, with each word separated with a hyphen. The following host name is an example…

You should avoid using more than two hyphens and since it is not the only factor that is taken into account by google, should not be used in such a way as to confuse the branding of your ecommerce website. Host names are case insensitive.

The same approach should be applied to filenames and directories with each keyword separated by a hyphen so that google interprets the words as separate words rather than one whole word. The following URL is an example…

It should be noted that it does not make any difference what the top level domain (3 letter suffix) of your host name uses (eg or .com or .net). However, if your website hosts products for UK, it would make sense to use the appropriate country code top level domain ( Other domains are “.info” for informational sites, “.org” for organisations, “.com” for commercial organisations and “.biz” for business use.

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  1. [...] Unfortunately Shakespeare’s “what’s in a name” doesn’t work here. Your domain should always be connected to what you intend to say in your content. In fact, your visitors should get an idea of what they are going to see by your domain name. [...]

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