Building an E commerce Website

One of the most important elements in a good e-commerce website is flexibility. Being able to develop a site that is perfectly geared to the needs of your company is what The Web Clinic excels at. Their unique flexisite is not only beautiful and functional it is easy to operate. After all, what good is a website your customer’s cannot navigate and you cannot keep up-to-date. The Web Clinic makes sure you have all the tools you need to create the best shopping environment for your customers possible.

Web 2.0 technologies have created a marvelous opportunity for businesses to be able to market globally like never before. The ecommerce solutions at The Web Clinic make use of all of the available marketing tools giving you maximum exposure online and a steady stream of dedicated traffic to your website. By providing both onsite and offsite optimisation your business will expand and grow continuously. The Web Clinic has over nine years of experience in the business of internet marketing and they will put their skills to use for your business making it a global force to reckon with.

You won’t be alone with your website development with The Web Clinic. You will always have easy access to your site with our flexisite management control system but The Web Clinic’s skilled technicians will be creating the ecommerce environment to your plans and designs so that everything is perfectly functional. We provide the tools for communication, purchasing and security that make your customers comfortable doing business with you.

Communication Technology

The Web Clinic provides newsletters, blogs, and email solutions for your business so you can easily communicate with your customers and give them all the information they need to make an informed purchase decision.


Knowing what and how your site is performing at all times allows you to make educated decisions on your marketing plans. At The Web Clinic you will get detailed statistics showing traffic flow to see which of your advertising campaigns are working and which are not.

Customer Survey Facilities

Find out what your customers are thinking. This allows you to mold your business to best serve your clients. Our interactive surveys will give your customers the ability to tell you what they like about your website and what brought them to you in the first place so that you can further see how effective your marketing plans are developing and make sure your site is functioning in a way that brings you sales.

SEO software

The Web Clinic has industry acclaimed software for SEO that will maximize the benefits of search engine optimisation for your site and make sure that the traffic you get is targeted to the profiles of your demographic needs.

Search through the massive portfolio at The Web Clinic to see the variety of designs and implications they have for your business that will help you succeed online. The Web Clinic gives you maximum value for your development money by providing every aspect of design and marketing in a package specifically designed for your needs. Whether your company is big or small we can make it successful so that it works for you on a world wide scale.

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