Article marketing for link building

Here is a scenario. A person is daydreaming in his office of taking a break from work and going to Venice. He has no actual plans and is just dreaming of going. He decides to just check the packages available and their costs.  He searches in Google or Yahoo and lands in your article. Here is a well-written article about Venice, its history and its famous and attractive spots for tourists. The visitor who was just dreaming of visiting Venice will now actually start thinking of going there, and the next page he is going to see is the link that you have added in the article to your company website which is about the different tour packages to different parts of the world.

How was that for marketing your website absolutely free? Well, article marketing does exactly that. If it was brochures and posters that did marketing before Internet, with the Net its newsletters, ezines and article directories now. Submitting articles on different topics related to your website in different article directories like can bring you not just links but also more visitors. Article marketing comprises providing content that is keyword rich and original to different epublishers and directories in return for publishing the contact and business details.

Article marketing is more or less like placing your company’s name on bill boards, only this is happening on the Internet. Article marketing and the link building through that therefore is a cost effective and at the same time a very effective means of advertising. Here, the readers who reach your website through your article has willingly reach there and therefore are more probable customers.

The other side of article marketing is link building. The author can in fact provide a link to not only his company website but also to his own where he has added more details about the topic he has mentioned in the article. This is not only more effective but also less expensive than buying links that are authorised and relevant to your business. Thus, by providing articles frequently to any article directory or an e-publishing website, you can spread your name at minimal cost besides creating a brand awareness and increasing your sales.

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