Are Your SEO Strategies Effective Enough?

Doing an effective SEO is of course an inevitable part of your web marketing. Are you doing your SEO all by yourself? Or, have you given that work to an SEO company, letting the professionals do the needful? Whichever way you do your SEO, it is imperative that the strategies for that SEO are clear in your mind. They have to be goal-oriented and effective. They should bring more visitors to your site on a daily basis. So how do you go about that?

There are many ways to do SEO. You are probably an expert in all those SEO techniques like link building, excellent content and all the other on page and off page optimisation factors. But how do you know whether they are effective and will bring the results that you want?

For that what you require is proper planning. A good strategy brings good results. A suggestion from us: if you are planning to do your own SEO and you are doing it for the first time, it is better to get the suggestions from an SEO expert regarding this. They can suggest you a clear-cut path that your SEO should take. Here you can find a few strategies that you might find helpful.

  • Setting up goals

Things work out when they move in the intended direction. But where do they move to? There should be a goal. In SEO, your goal is to increase the traffic to your website and thereby increase your sales. For that first you need to find answers for a few questions:

    • Who are your prospective customers?
    • What do they expect from you?
    • Can you provide what they expect?
    • What is your priority in SEO? More attention from search engines or more repeated visits from users? Increase in hits or increase in conversion?
  • Website Analysis

Nothing can be improvised without knowing its current state. So as a first step in your SEO process you need to study the current website. Check each and every aspect of the site. Some of them are:

    • Design and architecture
    • User friendliness
    • Current keywords used
    • Current rankings in search engines
    • Link popularity
    • Content originality and freshness
    • W3 validation
  • Keyword research

You need not be told that right keywords and their proper placements are very important in SEO. There are many things that you need to take care here. Your research should include:

    • Reasons for the inadequacy of the current keywords
    • Improvised keywords
    • Keyword Matrix
    • Competitors’ keywords
  • Industry Analysis

If you are selling any product or service the main thing you need keep checking is the current trends in the industry. Only that would take you to a position where you yourself set the new trend or where you can predict the future trends accurately. The changes that happen and the new trends that appear should be studied and accordingly implemented in the website.

  • Competitor Analysis

When it comes to your competitors, what you need to keep in mind is that one customer they gain is one customer lost for you. Hence you need to make yourself familiar with all the following:

    • Main competitors
    • Their strengths and weaknesses
    • Their different strategies that keep them in the front

Are you now familiar with all the points discussed above? Then you have taken the first step to implement your SEO effectively and successfully. However, what you need to keep in mind is that this study is only preliminary. SEO is an ongoing process. You need to keep your learning continuous and keep your SEO a process of constant improvisation and updation.

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