10 Don’ts of SEO

Search engine optimisation is a marketing tactic that can make a huge difference to your website’s page ranking. However, as much as it is effective, it needs utmost caution too while using. Because, if not used wisely, SEO can break your business as easy and fast as it can make your business. Here are a few don’ts that you should remember in your SEO.

  1. Don’t take too long to start your SEO work. As soon as your business starts and your website is ready, start your optimisation. Or, if you are planning on a renovation of your current website, consider SEO from the beginning.
  2. Don’t take your SEO lightly. Think and plan carefully. Choosing an SEO company is not like choosing the colour of your interiors. It requires thorough research and careful planning.
  3. Don’t ignore your SEO once you employ an SEO company. Keep in touch with SEO process from the first to the last.
  4. Don’t submit your website to many search engines or directories. Because, more than quantity it’s the quality of the links that matters.
  5. Don’t make your website uncrawlable for search engine robots by incorrect robot.txt file or complex navigation path that can confuse the search engine spiders.
  6. Don’t use keywords more than necessary. Your website content should not only be search engine friendly but also look interesting and genuine for the users.
  7. Don’t ever adopt plagiarism. Duplicating content from other sites will not only not raise your page rank but might also remove your site from the search engine altogether.
  8. Don’t use multiple variables unnecessarily.
  9. Don’t practice cloaking under any circumstances. And in case you are wondering what is cloaking, it is designing your website so that search engines would see one content and the users would see a different content.
  10. Don’t use stock content that is written by a robot. It is always better to use custom content created exclusively for you.
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